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Euro-Med sends file of field executions in Gaza to UN and ICC officials

Monday 25-December-2023


The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said it had documented dozens of field execution incidents that happened to Palestinian civilians at the hands of Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip and sent a preliminary file in this regard to top international legal officials.

This preliminary file was submitted to Morris Tidball-Binz, UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions, Francesca Albanese, UN special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Navanethem Pillay, head of the UN commission of inquiry in the occupied Palestinian territories, and Karim Khan, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Euro-Med urged the aforementioned UN and ICC officials to state their positions on the mass killing operations that are carried out by the Israeli army and its forces against Palestinian civilians in Gaza in general, and field executions or physical liquidations of individuals in particular.

Euro-Med called for announcing the formation of an international legal team and pressuring for its access to the Gaza Strip in order to investigate the killing incidents mentioned in the file.

Euro-Med also urged the officials to take serious action for a ceasefire in Gaza and ensure an end to the ongoing killings of civilians with no military necessity as a prelude to launching a comprehensive criminal investigation into all the atrocities that happened in order to achieve accountability and justice.

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