Fri 19-April-2024

WHO expresses concern for patients in Nasser hospital

Wednesday 31-January-2024


Amid continuing heavy Israeli bombing in Gaza on Tuesday morning, including reported attacks on hospitals in the southern city of Khan Yunis, the World Health Organization (WHO) expressed deep concern for patients and others seeking treatment who had “no way in and out.”

Speaking in Geneva, Christian Lindmeier, spokesperson for the UN agency, confirmed that Al-Khair Hospital was “one of the two hospitals that is now being raided,” while Nasser Hospital was “now basically besieged with no way in or out.”

“I know it must be a horrible scenario on the ground there, with people not knowing what the next few minutes will bring.”

The situation is “absolutely unacceptable and not what any health facility anywhere in the world should go through,” Lindmeier insisted, noting that some 20 hospitals no longer function across Gaza.

Underscoring the dire humanitarian situation in the enclave, the WHO spokesperson described how desperate and hungry Gazans have become in their search for food. “One of the convoys had mainly fuel for hospitals on it, but the people were holding it up as multiple times it was trying to move forward and trying to leave, and trying to get onto the road because they were so desperate looking for food.”

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