Thu 18-April-2024

Hamas warns of Israeli intent to commit massacre at Al-Amal Hospital

Wednesday 31-January-2024


The Hamas Movement has warned that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) plan to commit a new massacre after they stormed Al-Amal Hospital and the courtyard of the Red Crescent headquarters in Khan Yunis.

In a statement on Tuesday, Hamas said that the IOF stormed Al-Amal Hospital, amid intensive gunfire, and ordered the medical crew, the displaced families and patients to leave the building.

Hamas described the Israeli raids on the hospital and the Red Crescent headquarters as “another war crime” and “part of the ongoing war of extermination against the population in Gaza.”

Hamas accused the Israeli army of disdaining the international community, the UN, and international resolutions, especially the one issued recently by the International Court of Justice that called on Israel to stop its genocide in Gaza.

The Movement called for international action to prevent the “criminal Zionist entity” from persisting in its horrific crimes and atrocities against children and defenseless civilians in Gaza.

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