Mon 27-May-2024

IOF conducts raids and arrests in West Bank

Sunday 4-February-2024


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched a large-scale raid campaign in various areas of the West Bank on Sunday morning, carrying out arrests amid confrontations and clashes with resistance fighters.

In Nablus, a young man was injured by fragments of a live bullet fragments during an incursion by Israeli special forces, known as the mistaravim, into the Balata refugee camp.

A local source reported that the mistaravim infiltrated the Balata camp, spread out in several neighborhoods, and climbed onto the roofs of houses, while reinforcements from the occupation forces arrived from the Awarta checkpoint accompanied by a military bulldozer.

The source added that as soon as the special forces were discovered, clashes broke out with local youth, resulting in a young man being injured by live bullet fragments.

Furthermore, the IOF raided the homes of citizens accompanied by police dogs, and a child was injured after being bitten by one of the dogs.

Local sources reported that IOF soldiers stormed the city of Nablus and spread out in the vicinity of the old town, arresting the young man Taysir Al-Damouni after raiding his house in the Qaryoun neighborhood, while three young men from the town of Beita in the south were also arrested.

The IOF then raided the Balata camp east of Nablus, supported by a number of military vehicles and a D9 bulldozer, and snipers were stationed on some buildings.

The sources reported that the resistance confronted the IOF soldiers, and clashes erupted in several areas. Local sources said that the occupation bulldozers demolished the Market Street inside the camp and destroyed the properties of the residents.

Meanwhile, the IOF launched a campaign of raids on the homes of citizens in a number of villages and towns in the Qalqilya governorate, during which four citizens were arrested.

Local sources reported that the occupation forces arrested Hamed Younis from the town of Senjalia, Anad Khalif from the town of Al-Nabi Ilyas, Qais Badwan from the town of Azzun, and Othman Rizmak from the town of Habla.

In Jericho, IOF raided the city of Jericho and the Ain Sultan refugee camp on Sunday morning. Local sources said that occupation army forces stormed the city from its northern entrance and raided the Ain Sultan camp in the city without any reported arrests.

In Ramallah, the IOF arrested the young man Ammar Alawi from the town of Deir Jarir, northeast of Ramallah, and Tahrir Al-Araysha from the Jalazon refugee camp in the north.

In Occupied Jerusalem, Israeli police forces raided the Shuafat refugee camp and fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas canisters towards the residents and their homes. As a result a young man was hit in the foot with a metal bullet.

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