Mon 27-May-2024

Badran: The resistance operates in all Gaza districts and capable of launching missiles

Tuesday 6-February-2024


Member of Hamas’s political bureau Husam Badran confirmed that the resistance in the Gaza Strip is still operating in all districts of the Strip and is capable of launching rockets.

Badran said that the resistance in Gaza has foiled the Israeli forced displacement plans against the people of the Gaza Strip.

He added that Israeli war minister Yoav Galant’s threat to eliminate Hamas’s leaders and its armed wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, is mere illusions that lack objectivity.

The Hamas official stressed in press statements on Monday that Gallant’s statements were addressing the Israeli people in an attempt to lift their spirit, stressing that “the resistance’s goal today is to stop the aggression on the Gaza Strip” and that Hamas Movement is insisting on a comprehensive ceasefire.

In a related context, the Hamas senior official, Osama Hamdan, said that the Movement insists on a comprehensive ceasefire, the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army from entire Gaza and lifting the siege, which are all rejected by the Israeli occupation which has been hindering efforts to reach any agreement with the resistance factions in this regard.

Galant claimed earlier that the Israeli army had managed to eliminate a number of Hamas brigades in one of the most complex wars in history.

Since October 7, Israeli occupation forces have been waging a brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of 27,478 people and wounding 66,835 others, in addition to the forced displacement of more than 85% (about 1.9 million Palestinians) of the population of the Strip, according to official and international sources.

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