Fri 17-May-2024

Syria: Casualties following Israeli attacks on Homs

Wednesday 7-February-2024


Israeli strikes on the Syrian city of Homs killed at least five people, including three civilians, and injured others at dawn Wednesday.

According to media reports, five people, including a woman, a child and a man, were killed and seven others were injured in an Israeli attack on a residential building in the Hamra neighborhood of Homs City.

However, the identities of the two other slain victims were unknown.

Syria’s defense ministry, for its part, said that “the Israeli enemy launched airstrikes from the direction of northern Tripoli [Lebanon] targeting a number of sites in Homs City and its countryside, which killed and injured a number of civilians.”

The Syrian state television shared footage of rescuers rummaging through the rubble of a collapsed building and carrying someone on a stretcher.

The Israeli army had carried out dozens of strikes on targets in government-controlled parts of Syria in recent years, but it rarely acknowledges them.

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