Sun 14-July-2024

Hamas holds US administration responsible for Rafah massacres

Monday 12-February-2024


The Hamas Movement has condemned the Israeli occupation army’s large-scale massacres in Rafah, south of Gaza, describing them as “part of its genocidal war and its attempts to forcibly displace the population.”

In a statement on Monday, Hamas warned that the Israel army’s attacks on Rafah would increase the humanitarian suffering of the displaced people and residents in the area, where there are about 1.4 million citizens already living in harsh and tragic conditions.

“Netanyahu’s terrorist government and his Nazi army have flouted the resolutions that were adopted two weeks ago by the International Court of Justice, which called for taking urgent measures to halt any steps that could be considered acts of genocide,” Hamas underlined.

Hamas held US president and his administration fully responsible for the Israeli carnage happening in Rafah “as a result of the green light they gave to Netanyahu on Sunday and the financial and military support they provide for his government to continue the genocidal war and massacres in Gaza.”

The Movement appealed to the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the US Security Council to take urgent and serious action to stop the ongoing Israeli aggression against the defenseless civilians in Gaza.

Dozens of people, mostly children and women, were killed as extremely intense Israeli airstrikes and shelling pounded multiple homes, shelter sites and cars in Rafah overnight Monday, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society, as international alarm mounts over Israel’s intended ground operation in the southern Gazan city.

More than 100 people were killed due to Israeli airstrikes as warplanes targeted different civilian areas of the city, and helicopters fired machine guns along the border areas, the Palestinian Red Crescent said early Monday.

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