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Massive march in Morocco demands an immediate end to the aggression on Gaza

Monday 12-February-2024


Tens of thousands of Moroccans participated in a protest march in the capital, Rabat, on Sunday demanding an immediate end to the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th last year.

Participants in the march, which was organized by the Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Against Normalization, and the National Action Group for Palestine (non-governmental), gathered in front of the historic ‘Bab al-Had’ gate in central Rabat, then headed to Mohammed V Avenue where the Parliament headquarters is located, according to Anadolu Agency.

The protesters carried pictures of Al-Aqsa Mosque, Gaza war victims, and the Palestinian and Moroccan flags. The protesters represent the position of the Moroccan people who reject normalization and support Palestine. Rabat’s march participants urged the Moroccan government to end normalization with Israel and rejected diplomatic relations with slogans saying “Stop the massacre”, “Normalization is treason,” and “No embassy, no ambassador,” “The people want an end to normalization,” “We stand steadfast with Al-Aqsa,” “Down, down with the Zionists and Americans.”

The demonstrators chanted slogans calling for an immediate cessation of the war and hailed Gaza and its resistance: ‘The people of Al-Aqsa will march until victory and liberation,’ ‘The Moroccan people stand with the Al-Aqsa Flood,’ ‘There is no god but Allah, and the martyr is the beloved of Allah,’ and ‘Gaza, Gaza, symbol of dignity.’

Children in the march were keen to wear the Palestinian kufiya and clothes adorned with Palestinian flag symbols.

The protesters condemned the international community’s silence towards the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, including killings, field executions, destruction, and starvation of civilians.

The march saw the participation of human rights activists, politicians, parliamentarians, intellectuals, as well as various age groups including children, youth, and the elderly, and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and academics.

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