Sun 14-July-2024

Four Lebanese civilians killed in Israeli attacks on south Lebanon

Wednesday 14-February-2024


Four Lebanese people have been killed and nine others have been injured in two Israeli attacks on Wednesday as part of Israeli ongoing aggression against southern Lebanon.

The Civil Defense in southern Lebanon announced that the Israeli army targeted the towns of Al-Sawaneh and Edsheet in southern Lebanon with two airstrikes, resulting in the martyrdom of four people and the injury of nine others.

Earlier on Wednesday, a female Jewish settler was killed and seven others were injured in a strike launched from southern Lebanon on the city of Safad in northern 1948 Occupied Palestine (Israel).

Israeli Channel 14 reported that the bombing that targeted the city of Safad in the Upper Galilee has left one dead.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said that five people were taken to hospital in Safad following a rocket attack on the city, while Israeli ambulance crews said that the number of the injured in the attack has risen to seven including three seriously injured.

Israeli media reported that a building was directly hit in the city of Safad as a result of rockets fired from Lebanon.

The Lebanese Hezbollah used accurate missiles in its bombing of the city of Safad in the Upper Galilee and the Iron Dome failed to intercept the last missile, the media report added.

The Israeli army radio indicated that it detected eight missiles launched from Lebanon towards Safad.

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