Mon 27-May-2024

IOF carries out large-scale arrest campaign in W. Bank

Thursday 7-March-2024


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out last night and at dawn Thursday a large-scale arrest campaign in the West Bank, kidnaping several citizens including four women from Ramallah.

According to local sources, the IOF kidnaped journalist Bushra at-Tawil following a raid on her house in al-Tira neighborhood in Ramallah City.

The sources said that Israeli soldiers brutally beat journalist Tawil and verbally attacked her during her detention.

The IOF also kidnaped activist Sumoud Mutair after raiding her home in Ramallah City. She is the sister of Ahed Mutair who was killed last January by IOF gunfire in Dura town, south of al-Khalil.

Two other women identified as Ra’ida Ghanem and Handar Rashad and one young man were taken prisoners during an IOF raid in Abboud town, west of Ramallah.

Four citizens, including a father and his son, were also kidnaped by the IOF from their homes in al-Jalazon refugee camp in northern Ramallah.

In Tubas, Israeli forces with one bulldozer stormed the city and Tamun town, amid drone overflights.

Al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas said that a group of its fighters clashed with Israeli forces in Tubas City and attacked them with explosive devices.

Local sources said that the IOF raided homes of some wanted young men in Tubas and kidnaped a number of their relatives to pressure them to turn themselves in.

Nine citizens were also kidnaped by the IOF from Tamun town, south of Tubas.

Last night, resistance fighters opened fire at the Tayasir checkpoint in eastern Tubas.

In Nablus, the IOF kidnaped two citizens, including a businessman, from Amman street in the city.

Local sources reported hearing sounds of heavy gunfire in the western area of Nablus City during the IOF raid.

Meanwhile, resistance fighters showered IOF vehicles with bullets upon their withdrawal from Iraq at-Tayeh village in eastern Nablus.

In Qalqilya, the IOF kidnaped a young man after ransacking his home in the city and raided several homes in Izbat Jal’ud town, south of the city.

The IOF also stormed Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil, where they kidnaped a young man from his home, and raided homes in Kafr Abush town in Tulkarem.

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