Tue 11-June-2024

Mishaal: Al-Aqsa Flood is a “historic and decisive battle”

Wednesday 27-March-2024


Head of Hamas’s foreign political bureau Khaled Mishaal has described Al-Aqsa Flood battle as a “historic and decisive battle in the history of the Palestinian people’s conflict with the Israeli occupation.”

“Jordan is a beloved country and it is the closest to Palestine, so its men and women are expected to take more supportive roles than any other people towards the land of resistance and resilience,” Mishaal said on Wednesday, addressing a women’s event held in Jordan.

“The resistance is fine despite the ferocity of the battle, and your brothers on the land of Gaza are standing up in the face of the enemy, while the operations in the heart of Jerusalem and the West Bank are on the rise. This is a historic battle. Yes, the balance of power is not in our favor, but Allah is with us,” Mishaal added.

“Our pain is severe and has exceeded all the limits in light of the [Zionist] enemy’s crimes and the West’s complicity with it until this moment, but this motivates us further to engage in the battle,” the Hamas leader said.

He expressed his belief that Al-Aqsa Flood battle exposed the “ugly face” of the Israeli occupation in the international arena.

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