Sat 13-April-2024

GMO: IOF escalates targeting police forces in Gaza

Friday 29-March-2024


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed a massacre that targeted a police force and assassinated a police officer in Al-Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza City, in two separate crimes that claimed the lives of 17 people, according to the Government Media Office (GMO).

The Office said in a statement that the IOF committed a new massacre on Friday by bombing a police force concerned with security aid distribution while on duty doing their humanitarian civil work in Al-Shujaiya Sports Club, which led to the martyrdom of 10 police officers and citizens, including a Palestinian woman.

In another crime, the IOF assassinated a Palestinian police officer at Al-Sanafour Roundabout in Al-Shujaiya neighborhood along with members of his family, leading to their martyrdom along with a number of bystanders, with a total of 7 martyrs.

The GMO condemned the Israeli crimes and continued targeting of civilian police forces who provide humanitarian services to the Palestinian people.

The Office also condemned in the strongest terms the alignment of the United States and some European and Western countries with Israel in these crimes and their involvement in the crime of genocide against civilians, children, and women.

It held the US administration, the international community, and Israel fully responsible for these ongoing crimes against the police forces and those providing aid to civilians, children, and women.

The GMO called on international organizations, bodies, and countries of the free world to condemn the crimes against humanity committed by the IOF in violation of international law.

The Office also called for putting pressure on Israel to end the war of genocide and starvation and to stop massacres against the Palestinian people.

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