Thu 18-April-2024

Second Kuwaiti medical team heads to Gaza

Monday 1-April-2024


Kuwait Society for Relief (KSR) announced on Sunday the departure of a Kuwaiti medical team consisting of 11 physicians and consultants from various medical and surgical specialties to Cairo Airport en route to Gaza.

The Society, an independent charitable organization, said the team’s departure to Gaza is aimed at assisting the Gaza European Hospital and the Kuwait Specialized Hospital, on a mission that lasts until April 7.

The KSR’s Deputy Director General and team leader, Omar Al-Thuwaini, told the Kuwaiti news agency (KUNA) that the Kuwaiti medical team consists of highly specialized medical and surgical professionals along with a nurse, a team leader, and humanitarian coordinators.

This move came “in response to the suffering of our Palestinian brothers as a result of the Israeli aggression which has been ongoing since October 7, 2023,” Al-Thuwaini said.

He explained that sending the Kuwaiti medical team to the Gaza Strip came within the framework of donations from the “Fazaa (Help) for Palestine” campaign, which was launched by “Kuwait Relief” on October 10 of last year, in participation and cooperation with more than 30 Kuwaiti charitable societies, with the aim of providing relief to those affected from the aggression on the Gaza Strip.

For his part, the ophthalmology surgical consultant and volunteer Dr. Mansour Al-Shammari, confirmed that the medical team will leave accompanied by more than three tons of medical supplies and equipment necessary to perform delicate and urgent surgical operations in the Strip.

Senior specialist in kidney, urinary tract, infertility, and robotic surgery, Omar Al-Hunaidi, also explained that the relief trip aims to enable medical teams, specifically at the Kuwait Specialized Hospital, to perform high professional surgical operations.

Anesthesia and pain medicine specialist, Hassan Behbehani, confirmed that his participation in the trip aims to assist medical teams in urgent surgical operations, given the large number of the wounded who are in dire need for treatment in Gaza.

The medical team expressed Kuwait’s solidarity with the Palestinian people, stressing their keenness to deliver various aid to the steadfast people in the besieged enclave.

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