Sat 18-May-2024

Qanu: Permanent ceasefire is the key to any agreement

Friday 12-April-2024


Permanent ceasefire is the key factor to reaching an agreement with Israel on Gaza, Hamas spokesman Abdulatif al-Qanu said in a statement on Thursday evening.

He added in a press statement that “our priority in the ongoing negotiations process is the unconditional return of all displaced citizens to their homes and a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip.”

The vast destruction in Gaza only reflects the Nazism and fascism of the Israeli occupation entity and its inability to achieve any of its goals, Qanu underlined.

Prolonging the war of annihilation and starvation will not enable Israel to achieve victory or achieve any of its goals, the Hamas spokesman said, adding, “The criminal occupation did not heed any of the international laws and documents nor even human values, which necessitates prosecting it for the genocide it is still committing.”

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