Fri 17-May-2024

Hamas: Israel’s operation in central Gaza “part of its genocidal war on our people”

Saturday 13-April-2024


The Hamas Movement has condemned the Israeli occupation army’s new operation in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, describing it as “part of its ongoing genocidal war on the Palestinian people.”

“For two days, the camp has been exposed to a barbaric attack that targeted civilian facilities and citizens’ homes, resulting in dozens of martyrs and wounded people,” Hamas said in a statement on Friday.

“This fascist operation is a clear reflection of the Zionist disregard for all international and judicial resolutions that demand an end to the criminal genocidal war on the Gaza Strip,” Hamas underlined.

Hamas added that this operation “is being carried out with full support of the US administration that continues to supply the criminal Zionist occupation army with all military and political means and protection from international prosecution.”

The Movement called on the international community and the UN to work immediately to force the Israeli occupation regime to stop its aggression and war crimes in Gaza.

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