Sat 25-May-2024

IOF kidnaps several Palestinians in W. Bank raids

Thursday 18-April-2024


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnaped last night and at dawn Thursday a number of Palestinian citizens during a large-scale campaign in the West Bank, amid clashes in some areas.

According to local sources, the IOF kidnaped many citizens during raids on homes in Nablus City and its refugee camps, including a female university student from the city and 10 young men from Askar camp.

Some of the detainees from Nablus had been ex-detainees in Palestinian Authority jails and were released a few days ago.

Four other citizens were taken prisoners following IOF raids on their homes in Duma town in the southeast of Nablus and al-Sayrafi area of the city.

The IOF also stormed the villages of Taluza and Badhan in the north of Nablus City, without making arrests.

In Ramallah, Israeli forces stormed different areas of the province and kidnaped a young man after savagely beating him in Beitunia town and another one after ransacking his home in Beit Rima town.

Three citizens, including a young woman, were kidnaped by the IOF from Kafr Malik town in the east of Ramallah.

In Jericho, the IOF kidnaped three citizens, including two brothers, from their homes in Ein as-Sultan refugee camp.

The IOF also kidnaped one citizen from his home in Beit Fajjar town in Bethlehem and three others during raids in Dura City and the towns of Beit Kahil and Taffuh in al-Khalil.

Israeli forces reportedly broke into and ransacked the house of an ex-detainee called Shadi al-Awiwi in al-Khalil City and confiscated his car.

Meanwhile, the IOF carried out violent raids on a number of homes in Nahalin town in western Bethlehem, which provoked clashes with local youths.

In Jenin, Palestinian resistance fighters opened fire at an Israeli car carrying extremist Jewish settlers near the illegal settlement of Homesh in Silat ad-Dhaher town before clashing with Israeli soldiers.

The IOF also stormed and intensified the presence of its forces in other areas of Jenin province.

In east Jerusalem, violent clashes broke out between Israeli soldiers and young men during a police raid in Shuafat refugee camp.

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