Sun 26-May-2024

Hamas: CNN unveiled a small part of Israel’s violations against Gazan detainees

Saturday 11-May-2024


The Hamas Movement has said that what was reported by a CNN investigation team about the exposure of Palestinian prisoners kidnaped from Gaza to brutal and sadistic torture and maltreatment at the hands of Israeli forces in detention camps is only a small portion of the atrocities that are committed against those detainees.

In a statement on Friday, Hamas said that this CNN investigative report includes horrific testimonies from those who were recently released from secret detention centers, which it described as “human slaughterhouses.”

Hamas said that the exposure of Gazan detainees to crimes and horrors that exceed those that had been committed by the Nazis entail action by international human rights groups to document and highlight such Israeli violations and inhumane practices.

Hamas warned that allowing Israeli murderers and fascists to escape punishment poses a threat to international peace and reflects the international community’s failure to take action to stop their crimes.

“We affirm that our right to hold this rogue entity accountable is imprescriptible, and that peoples and generations will never forget all these atrocities. The day will come when these criminals will be held accountable for what they committed against our people and humanity,” the Movement said.

Three Israeli whistleblowers working at the Sde Teiman detention camp in Israel have revealed systemic abuses by the Israeli occupation army, including prisoners being restrained, blindfolded, and forced to wear diapers, CNN reported on Friday.

The whistleblowers described the grim conditions that Palestinian detainees face in Sde Teiman, located in the Negev desert, telling CNN that the prisoners were not allowed to move, talk, or even peek under their blindfolds.

Guards were instructed to enforce silence using Arabic commands like “Iskot” (shut up), and to identify and punish individuals described as “problematic.”

They talked about “a routine search when the guards would unleash large dogs on sleeping detainees, lobbing a sound grenade at the enclosure as troops barged in.”

Located approximately 18 miles from the Gaza separation line, this facility is said to be divided into two sections: enclosures where around 70 Palestinian detainees from Gaza are subjected to extreme physical restraint, and a field hospital where injured detainees are immobilized, diapered, and fed through straws.

“They stripped them down of anything that resembles human beings,” the sources told CNN.

According to the whistleblowers, the beatings inflicted upon detainees were said to be done out of spite and revenge and not intended for intelligence gathering.

One whistleblower recounted witnessing an amputation performed on a Gazan man who had sustained injuries caused by the constant zip-tying of his wrists.

These testimonies align with details from a letter written by a doctor working at Sde Teiman, which was published by Haaretz last month.

“Just this week, two prisoners had their legs amputated due to handcuff injuries, which unfortunately is a routine event,” the doctor said in his letter.

He mentioned that prisoners were fed via straws, forced to use diapers, and subjected to continuous restraints, actions that contravene medical ethics and legal standards.

“We are all complicit in breaking law,” he was quoted as saying.

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