Sat 25-May-2024

Islamic Awqaf Council condemns Israeli settler violations at Aqsa Mosque

Wednesday 15-May-2024


The Islamic Awqaf Affairs and Holy Sites Council in Occupied Jerusalem has strongly denounced the Israeli occupation police for allowing Jewish settlers on Tuesday to commit serious violations in the Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards, including carrying the Israeli flag and performing religious and provocative practices.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Islamic Council said that the settler provocations at the Aqsa Mosque happened right under the noses of Israeli police officers, who deliberately turned the Mosque, its premises and the roads around it into military areas and prevented Muslim worshipers from entering their holy site.

The Council considered these settler practices at the Mosque as unprecedented violations targeting the Islamic identity of the holy site.

The Council appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries to shoulder their responsibilities towards the Aqsa Mosque, which it described as one of the most important Islamic holy sites, and intervene to protect it against desecration and Judaization.

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