Tue 11-June-2024

Hamas chief says Palestinian people overthrew all malicious conspiracies and plans over 76 years

Thursday 16-May-2024


Ismail Haneyya, head of Hamas’s political bureau, hailed in speech marking the 76th anniversary of the Palestinians’ mass expulsion from their homeland, known as the Nakba (the Catastrophe), the Palestinian people’s strong steadfastness and sacrifices in thwarting all Israeli malicious conspiracies.

Haneyya also reiterated the Movement’s position concerning truce talks that have again hit an impasse.

“Any agreement must ensure a permanent ceasefire, comprehensive withdrawal of Israeli forces from all sectors of the Gaza Strip, a real deal for exchange of prisoners, the return of displaced persons, reconstruction and lifting the siege” of Gaza, Haneyya said.

On the other hand, Hamas chief said the Movement will be involved in deciding post-war rule in Gaza along with other Palestinian factions.

“We say that the Hamas Movement is here to stay … and it will be the Movement and all national (Palestinian) factions who will decide the post-war rule in Gaza,” Haneyya said in the televised address.

He also said the fate of truce talks was uncertain because of Israel’s “insistence on occupying the Rafah crossing and on its expansion of aggression” in the Palestinian territory since October 7.

He blamed Israel for the current deadlock, saying their amendments on the Gaza ceasefire proposal introduced by mediators Qatar and Egypt led the negotiation into deadlock.

Haneyya said his Movement was determined to pursue all available ways to end the war in Gaza, leaving the door open to more mediation efforts, but he held to the Movement’s key demands.

Haneyya also said Israel is putting the captives in harm’s way by continuing the war on Gaza.

“The enemy’s insistence on moving forward with the Rafah invasion puts the entire negotiation in jeopardy,” he added.

Haneyya’s address marked the 76th anniversary of the “Nakba”, when around 760,000 Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes during the 1948 creation of Israel.

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