Sat 22-June-2024

Hamas welcomes Arab League’s final statement

Thursday 16-May-2024


The Hamas Movement welcomed the final statement issued by the thirty-third Arab Summit held in Bahrain, which “affirmed the firm and steadfast Arab support for the aspirations of the (Palestinian) people for liberation and independence.”

The Movement also applauded the final statement’s rejection of “Zionist aggression and attempts to uproot our people—that the criminal Zionist entity pursues through its ongoing war of ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Gaza Strip.”

The Movement urged “brotherly Arab states to take the necessary measures to compel the (Israeli) occupation to stop its aggression”.

In a concluding statement following a meeting in Manama, the 22-member grouping called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to forced displacement in the Palestinian territory, withdrawal of the Israeli forces from all areas of the Strip, lifting the Gaza siege, and opening all border crossings.

The summit was also attended by chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas who told the summit that Hamas Movement “gave Israel pretexts and justifications” to wage war on Gaza with its October 7 attack.

Hamas voiced its “regret over the remarks” asserting the attack had “placed our Palestinian cause at the forefront of priorities, achieving strategic gains”.

The Movement confirmed that “the Zionist enemy, which has been killing, terrorizing and torturing our defenseless people for more than 76 years, in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the 1948 occupied territories did not wait for pretexts to commit its crimes against our people.”

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