Wed 24-July-2024

GMO: Israeli army bars entry of 3,000 aid trucks to Gaza

Sunday 19-May-2024


The Israeli occupation army has been preventing 3,000 aid trucks from entering the Gaza Strip for two weeks, according to a statement on Sunday by the Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza.

GMO also accused, in Telegram remarks, the Israeli army of preventing 690 sick and wounded people from traveling abroad for medical treatment as the Rafah and Karem Abu Salem border crossings are closed for the 13th day running.

“The US administration, the European Union and the international community did not do their duty and did not exercise the role required of them to prevent the genocidal war on Gaza,” GMO said.

“Rather, they gave the occupation the green light to persist in committing its genocidal crimes,” GMO added, calling on the international community to pressure the Israeli government to stop its genocide in Gaza.

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