Sat 22-June-2024

ActionAid calls for sparing Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza

Wednesday 22-May-2024


The London-based ActionAid Association has called for urgent international intervention to halt the Israeli targeting of Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza.

The Association said in a statement on Tuesday evening “We are urgently calling on world leaders & governments to demand an immediate end to the siege imposed on the hospital!”

It added that the hospital is currently besieged by the Israeli army, banning any movement in or out of it, which restricted its basic health services.

Dr. Mohammed Masalha, one of the hospital officials, said that the hospital was again under siege, adding that the Israeli army was shelling and opening gunfire in the vicinity of the hospital, blocking the movement of ambulance vehicles.

Al-Awda was besieged for 18 days in December last year during which three medical personnel were killed by Israeli army snipers.

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