Sat 22-June-2024

One citizen killed, three students injured in Israeli attack on southern Lebanon

Thursday 23-May-2024


One Lebanese citizen was martyred and three school children were injured in an Israeli drone strike in southern Lebanon on Thursday, according to local media.

The attack happened on a highway between the towns of Kafr Dajjal and Nabatiya, the state-run National News Agency reported.

A drone missile reportedly hit the vehicle at the same time a bus full of students heading for school was passing close to the car, which left three students injured.

The bombed vehicle burst into flames, and the wounded students were taken to the nearest hospital, according to Lebanese media outlets.

Yesterday, Israeli drones and warplanes carried out five strikes on southern Lebanon, particularly on the towns of Ayta ash-Shab and Meiss al-Jabal and an area on the outskirts of Alma ash-Shab in the Tyre district.

The Israeli occupation army also carried out artillery attacks on different areas of southern Lebanon on Wednesday.

Hezbollah, for its part, announced that its fighters fired projectiles at different Israeli military targets in the north of the 1948 occupied territories, particularly near the southern border of Lebanon.

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