Tue 11-June-2024

Mishaal addresses the funeral of the Turkish citizen killed by Israeli gunfire

Friday 24-May-2024


The head of Hamas’s foreign political bureau, Khaled Mishaal, addressed the funeral of the Turkish citizen Hasan Saklanan who was killed by Israeli gunfire in Occupied Jerusalem last month.

“Türkiye has been present at the Zionist-Palestinian conflict for more than 100 years,” Mishaal said in a statement to the mourners over the telephone during the funeral.

“These are blessed days. These are days that will make glorious history on the path to liberating Palestine and defeating the Zionist project,” he added.

Mishaal hailed the sacrifices made by “the Turkish martyr’s family and Turkish people” in support of the Palestinian cause.

Speaking to the Turkish people, the Hamas leader said, “the Zionists are our enemies and your enemies. They are a danger to Palestine, to the Arabs, to the Muslims, to Türkiye, to the nation, and indeed to all humanity.”

Mishaal also hailed the steadfastness and strong determination of Palestinian people in addressing the Zionist project in defense of their nation and humanity.

Earlier Thursday, thousands of Turkish citizens participated in the funeral of Hasan Saklanan, who was killed by Israeli forces in Occupied Jerusalem after he stabbed an Israeli policeman.

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