Sat 22-June-2024

Abu Hasna: No country has the right to designate UN institutions as terror groups

Monday 27-May-2024


UNRWA media advisor Adnan Abu Hasna has stressed that no country has the right to classify one of the major UN organizations a terrorist entity, warning that any Israeli step in this regard would be a dangerous escalation and lead to serious consequences.

Abu Hasna made his remarks after the Knesset held a preliminary vote on Sunday to designate UNRWA as a terrorist organization and sever all Israeli ties with the international body, which is the main relief service provider for over 5.9 million Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.

Abu Hasna said that UNRWA is an organization established by a UN General Assembly resolution, which has mandated the agency to run the affairs of Palestinian refugees and provide them with educational, health, relief and employment services until a just solution to the Palestinian question is reached.

The media official pointed out that all the countries that suspended their funding to UNRWA several months ago resumed their financial support for the agency, except for the US and Britain, affirming that UNRWA is considered “the pride of humanitarian work worldwide.”

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