Sat 22-June-2024

Israeli police brutally assault, arrest Russian worshiper at Aqsa Mosque

Tuesday 28-May-2024


The Israeli police forces brutally attacked a Russian Muslim in Souq al-Qattanin in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem, before arresting him on Monday.

Eyewitnesses affirmed that the Israeli police arrested the young Muslim man while he was walking behind a group of settlers as they were storming the Aqsa Mosque in the afternoon.

Israeli special forces took the young man to Bab al-Qattanin, one of the gates of Aqsa Mosque. Altercations and fistfights were reported between the detainee and members of the special units, before he was arrested from Souq al-Qattanin.

In a separate incident, the Israeli forces prevented photojournalist Ahmed Jalajel from entering Aqsa Mosque, before arresting him at Lions Gate.

Meanwhile, 58 settlers and 43 Jewish students stormed the Mosque on Monday morning, while 39 settlers forced their way into the holy site in the afternoon.

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