Sat 13-July-2024

Spain and Norway recognize Palestinian state, Ireland to follow suit today

Tuesday 28-May-2024

Oslo/Madrid, (PIC)

Spain and Norway have announced they formally recognize a Palestinian state, with Ireland to follow suit on Tuesday in a coordinated effort by the three European nations.

“This is a historic decision that has a single goal, and that is to help Israelis and Palestinians achieve peace,” Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez said in a speech on Tuesday.

Addressing the media outside the prime minister’s headquarters in Madrid, Sanchez stressed that his country’s “recognition is not only a matter of historical justice for the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, but it is also an imperative necessity if we all want to achieve peace.

“It is the only way to advance towards the only solution capable of achieving the goal of peace,” Sanchez added.

According to the Spanish premier, the creation of the Palestinian state must first of all be “feasible” with the West Bank and Gaza being united by a corridor and with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Sanchez said his government’s decision was aligned with UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338 – which set guidelines for a land-for-peace formula – as well as with Spain’s position within the European Union.

Meanwhile, Norway also officially recognized the State of Palestine.

“Norway’s official recognition of Palestine as a state has entered into force,” the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement today.

The statement added that “a number of other like-minded European countries will officially recognize Palestine on the same date.”

The three European countries announced this step simultaneously last week, with their leaders saying they hoped other countries would join the initiative, stressing that it would enhance the prospects for peace.

With Spain, Norway and Ireland, the number of countries recognizing the State of Palestine has risen to 147, out of 193 member states in the UN General Assembly.

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