Wed 24-July-2024

Hamas holds Israeli occupation responsible for what happened to prisoner Wafa Jarrar

Thursday 30-May-2024


The Hamas Movement has described the Israeli occupation army’s decision to release Palestinian prisoner Wafa Jarrar a few days after having her wounded legs amputated and issuing an administrative detention order against her “an attempt to disavow its responsibility for what happened to her during her recent detention.”

In a statement on Thursday, Hamas held the Israeli occupation regime fully responsible for what it described as the crime that had been committed against Jarrar during her detention.

The Movement called on human rights groups to document what happened to Jarrar after Israeli forces kidnaped her recently from her house in Jenin, as well as the violations that other Palestinian prisoners are being exposed to in Israeli jails.

Jarrar underwent surgery to have her legs amputated at an Israeli hospital last Monday while an administrative detention order for four months was issued against her. On Wednesday, Israeli jailers announced their decision to release her.

Israeli soldiers used Jarrar as a human shield after raiding her house and kidnaping her from Jenin refugee camp recently. She suffered serious leg injuries at the time when soldiers deliberately put her in a position inside a military vehicle that came under fire from resistance fighters.

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