Sat 22-June-2024

16 Yemeni martyrs, dozens wounded in US-UK aggression

Friday 31-May-2024


The death toll as a result of the joint US-UK aggression against the radio and the port of Salif in Hodeidah Governorate in Yemen has risen to more than 44 martyrs and wounded.

The Health Office in Hodeidah reported that 16 civilians were martyred and 35 wounded as a result of the US -UK airstrikes on the governorate over last night.

Ahmed Al-Bishri, First Undersecretary of Hodeidah Governorate, explained in a statement to Al-Masirah TV on Friday morning that the toll of the aggression on Hodeidah had risen to 16 martyrs and more than 34 wounded, some of them with serious injuries, in the targeting of Hodeidah Radio building and a number of civilian buildings in the port of Al-Salif.

Two Yemenis were martyred and others were injured at dawn Friday in US-UK raids on the Hodeidah Governorate in western Yemen, as part of an aggression that targeted several areas, including the capital, Sanaa.

The Yemeni Al-Masirah satellite channel revealed in a post on X that there were two martyrs and 10 wounded in the “US-UK attack targeting the radio building in Al-Hawk District” in the city of Hodeidah, in addition to 6 raids on Sanaa.

Meanwhile, the US Central Military Command (CENTCOM) said that the US, alongside the UK forces, carried out airstrikes against 13 Houthi targets.

On January 12, the White House issued a joint statement with 10 countries announcing that, in response to the Ansar Allah group’s attacks against commercial ships in the Red Sea, the US and UK armed forces carried out joint attacks against targets in areas controlled by the group in Yemen.

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