Wed 24-July-2024

Two Palestinians martyred in IOF raids in Tubas and Tulkarem

Monday 10-June-2024


Two Palestinian young men were martyred on Monday morning when the Israeli occupation forces stormed Fari’ah refugee camp in southern Tubas and Dinnaba suburb of Tulkarem City and attacked local residents.

Medical sources in Tubas said that 20-year-old Mahmoud an-Nabrisi died of critical bullet injuries in his chest and abdomen he sustained during skirmishes between local youths and Israeli soldiers in Fari’ah camp.

Four other young men were also injured by live bullets during the IOF raid in Fari’ah camp.

In Tulkarem, Israeli forces stormed Dinnaba suburb of the city and embarked on randomly opening fire at local residents, injuring a young man called Abdul-Dayem.

Eyewitnesses said that Israeli soldiers prevented an ambulance crew from providing the wounded young man with medical assistance and let him bleed to death.

Yesterday, a Palestinian child was injured by a bullet in his back and others suffered from their exposure to tear gas during skirmishes between Israeli soldiers and local youths in Beit Ummar town, north of al-Khalil.

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