Wed 24-July-2024

GMO: US floating pier “useless” and “humanitarian lie”

Monday 10-June-2024


The Government Media Office (GMO) has affirmed that the US-built floating pier, which is anchored to a beach in Gaza, is ineffective in alleviating the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the war-torn coastal territory, describing it as “useless”.

“Following the World Food Program’s announcement of stopping the entry of aid into Gaza through the US floating pier due to security concerns, we once again confirm the futility of this platform,” GMO head Salama Maarouf said in a statement on Monday.

“Since its inauguration one and a half months ago, we have noticed that the pier has not contributed seriously to alleviating the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. A very limited number of trucks, up to 130 trucks, have used it since then,” Maarouf added.

Maarouf also described the pier as a “humanitarian lie” used as cover for Israeli attacks, including the attack on an-Nuseirat refugee camp which killed more than 270 people on Saturday.

“If the US administration was serious about its intention to mitigate the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe and honest about helping our people, it would pressure the occupation to open the land crossings and ensure the entry of thousands of aid trucks piled up on the Egyptian side,” he added.

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