Wed 10-July-2024

GMO: The number of aid trucks entering Gaza is insufficient

Tuesday 11-June-2024


The Government Media Office (GMO) in the Gaza Strip has said that the number of aid-laden trucks entering the war-torn coastal enclave is insufficient and has decreased.

“We assert that the relief efforts being made to help our people are weak and remain below the minimum level needed to address the humanitarian catastrophe that is ravaging them,” GMO said in a statement on Tuesday.

GMO said that only 224 aid trucks had entered Gaza City and northern Gaza during the past week from a point in the west of Beit Lahia, adding that these trucks carried mostly flour and production needs for the five bakeries operating under the supervision of the World Food Program.

GMO pointed out that the number of the trucks that entered Gaza this week decreased by 12 percent compared to last week.

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