Mon 22-July-2024

Hamas: The Israeli use of starvation as a weapon against Gaza is a war crime

Thursday 13-June-2024


Israel’s “criminal use of starvation as a weapon during this fascist aggression is a war crime and a confirmation of its continuation of the genocide against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,” the Hamas Movement said in a statement issued Wednesday.

The Gaza Strip is facing famine because of the shortage of humanitarian aid that is allowed into the enclave and Israel’s closure of border crossings, the Movement continued.

“Our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are facing an escalation in the brutal starvation war, worsening humanitarian catastrophe, and signs of famine, especially in the Gaza City and the north governorates.”

Hamas attributed the famine to “the closure of crossings by the (Israeli) occupation, the limited number of aid trucks allowed to enter, and the oppressive siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, especially after the occupation’s seizure of the Rafah crossing and its closure to the movement of individuals and aid.”

The Movement urged Arab and Islamic countries, along with the international community, to make efforts and pressure Israel to stop the onslaught in the besieged enclave and open the crossings to relieve Gazans.

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