Tue 9-July-2024

Gaza Municipality: 5 workers operating water wells martyred in Israeli bombardment

Friday 21-June-2024


The Gaza Municipality on Friday condemned the killing by the Israeli occupation army of five members of the emergency crews in the Gaza Municipality working in operating the water wells.

In a press statement, the Municipality said that the occupation army targeted at exactly 10:40 am Friday the Gaza Municipality employees working in operating the water wells in the municipality garage, which led to the martyrdom of 5 employees.

The Municipality stressed the need for an immediate investigation into the crime of targeting its employees, who are classified as relief workers, as they were working to pump water to the citizens.

The Municipality appealed to the United Nations and international organizations for urgent intervention to protect the Municipality’s employees who have been working since the beginning of the aggression in order to continue providing basic services to the citizens.

The Municipality also warned of the collapse of the municipal services system as a result of the Israeli targeting of its employees, which in turn could endanger the lives of citizens due to the interruption of basic services such as water, sewage, and waste collection.

The Gaza Municipality affirmed that it is a civilian institution providing basic services and that its crews are protected by international laws and regulations.

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