Tue 9-July-2024

Haneyya: Hamas adheres to Palestinian people’s demands

Friday 21-June-2024


The Hamas Movement political bureau chief, Ismail Haneyya, confirmed that the Movement is working according to a clear vision and is committed to the demands of the Palestinian people.

Speaking at the Strategic Thinking Forum held Friday evening in Beirut, Haneyya said that what happened on October 7 “constituted an earthquake that struck the foundations of the Zionist entity, and prompted the US to act quickly to save the occupation.”

He stressed that the battle of the “Aqsa Flood” restored the Palestinian issue to the top priority in the international arena and reunited the nation around the Palestinian issue.

Hamas chief pointed out that the Palestinian resistance is still resisting on all fronts in the Gaza Strip after 9 months of continuing fighting.

Haneyya said that Hamas is committed to the demands of its people and its cause.

The demands include a ceasefire and the withdrawal of the occupation forces from all the Gaza Strip, he added, demanding the implementation of the Security Council resolution to stop the war on Gaza.

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