Sat 13-July-2024

IOF storms Jenin camp, Qalqilya amid armed clashes with Palestinians

Saturday 22-June-2024


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed on Saturday morning Jenin refugee camp and Qalqilya city in the West Bank, amid heavy gunfire and armed clashes.

Local sources reported that Israeli troops broke into Jenin camp this morning, amid heavy gunfire before they encircled a house in Al-Jabriyat neighborhood.

The IOF assaulted a citizen before arresting him along with at least three young men and women, the sources added.

Eyewitnesses said that resistance fighters confronted the intruding soldiers with continuous shooting since morning hours.

Meanwhile, the IOF hindered the work of the medical crews in Jenin, who tried to treat the wounded people who were shot by Israeli gunfire in the Al-Jabriyat neighborhood.

In Qalqilya, the IOF stormed the city and started raid houses following a shooting incident that was carried out on Saturday morning by resistance fighters and led to the killing of an Israeli settler in his vehicle in the city.

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