Sat 20-July-2024

Jerusalem-based organization warns of forced home demolitions of Jerusalemites

Sunday 30-June-2024


A Jerusalem-based organization has warned of an escalating Israeli policy of forced home demolitions of Jerusalemites and the coercion of citizens to demolish their own homes.

The Islamic-Christian Commission for the Support of Jerusalem and its Sanctities explained that the demolition of homes of Jerusalemites has witnessed an unprecedented acceleration since the beginning of the year.

It pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities have demolished dozens of homes and structures or forced their owners to demolish them at the pretext of not obtaining permits.

It confirmed that the occupation exploits the pretext of Jerusalemites not obtaining building permits to achieve several goals mainly displacing them, emptying their city, and disrupting the demographic balance in favor of the Jewish presence in the holy city.

It clarified that the acceleration of the demolition of Jerusalemites’ homes coincides with the escalation of new settlement projects and the construction of thousands of colonial units in various neighborhoods of the city of Jerusalem.

The Commission called on the international community to end its silence and intervene effectively and seriously to stop the genocide, forced displacement, and ethnic cleansing that the Palestinian people are subjected to, and to take effective measures to deter the occupation from continuing to commit these crimes.

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