Thu 18-July-2024

UN: There needs to be a full and permanent ceasefire for aid to flow into Gaza

Wednesday 3-July-2024


The UN humanitarian coordinator for Gaza, Sigrid Kaag, has briefed the Security Council on the latest situation in the enclave, saying not enough aid has been entering Gaza.

Kaag stressed that until there is a full and permanent ceasefire, getting aid into Gaza is like “running up a hill. It’s very, very difficult.”

She said, among other things, they need a better deconfliction mechanism to get aid into Gaza.

“They also needed more assurances that they could get basic supplies in to not only people in Gaza … but also to UN staff and personnel,” she said. They include doctors who still lack basic supplies to help the wounded.

Kaag focused on the need for UN teams to have more “diversified routes coming into Gaza” and said she is engaged in talks with Israeli officials to potentially reopen the vital Rafah border crossing.

She further talked about if they could get these aid mechanisms in place and working to their full capacity. She sees that as part of the reconstruction efforts.

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