Sat 20-July-2024

Badran: Hamas dealt positively with ceasefire proposals

Monday 8-July-2024


Member of Hamas’s political bureau Husam Badran said that last night was one of the harshest in Gaza City, as the Israeli occupation forces intensified their attacks on civilians and embarked on displacing and abusing them.

“We have dealt positively and with high flexibility with the proposals [for a ceasefire deal], and provided a positive response. The ball is now in Netanyahu’s court,” Badran said in press remarks on Monday.

“If the US administration is serious about stopping the war, it should pressure Netanyahu to reach a ceasefire,” Badran stressed.

“The victims in this conflict are our people, and the criminal enemy is hiding behind false grievances,” the Hamas official said, adding that “the right place for war criminal Netanyahu is in the International Criminal Court and prison, not in a position as prime minister.”

“What is happening has exposed the falsehood, lies, and duplicity of international institutions that brag about values and humanity and use double standards when it comes to our [national] cause,” he said.

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