Tue 9-July-2024

Hamas: Israeli killings, displacement could put ceasefire talks back at square one

Monday 8-July-2024


Hamas chief Ismail Haneyya warned that the Israeli military attacks and displacement orders in the Gaza City could push mediated ceasefire talks back to square one.

In light of the massacres, killings, and displacement Israel is carrying out, Haneyya made urgent contacts with the mediators, warning of disastrous repercussions, noting that this would “return the negotiation process to square one,” the Hamas Movement said in a statement issued on Monday evening.

In a call with mediators, Haneyya said he held Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s army fully responsible for the potential collapse of negotiations.

Hamas earlier said that while it is trying to showcase “flexibility and positivity” in its position to reach a ceasefire agreement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continued to place “obstacles” to hinder the process.

It said Netanyahu is also escalating Israel’s aggression against Palestinians and is continuing to forcibly displace families in Gaza.

Hamas called on mediators and the international community to intervene to put an end to Netanyahu’s “crimes and genocide.”

The Movement added that it will continue with its resistance in the face of Israel’s “fascist forces.”

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