Sat 20-July-2024

GMO sounds the alarm against Israeli calls for forced displacement from Gaza City

Tuesday 9-July-2024


The Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza warned against the Israeli instructions ordering people to move from Gaza City to the south to lure them to the traps of death and field executions.

The GMO said in a statement on Monday evening, “The Israeli occupation army distributed misleading maps ordering the residents to displace from Gaza City to the south, claimed as a safe zone.”

The GMO urged the citizens not to respond to the Israeli orders which are aimed at luring them to the traps of killing and field executions, similar to what happened repeatedly to dozens of citizens who were subjected to field executions as they were trying to move from the Rashid street, west of Gaza City, and Salahuddin Street, to the east.

The statement recalled that the Israeli army had ordered the citizens to relocate towards central and southern Gaza, then executed them in cold blood upon their arrival at military checkpoints, shooting and killing dozens of people and injuring hundreds of others.

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