Wed 10-July-2024

Hamas calls for organizing worldwide protests against Israel’s genocide in Gaza

Wednesday 10-July-2024


The Hamas Movement has called for organizing angry marches all over the world to condemn Israel’s massacres and genocide in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, Hamas said that the Israeli occupation army committed a massacre on Tuesday at Al-Awda School in Abasan al-Kabira town, east of Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip, killing more than 29 displaced civilians and injuring many others.

Hamas described the new massacre in Abasan al-Kabira as Israeli persistence in waging the genocidal war and committing massacres against the defenseless people of Gaza.

“The escalating criminal Zionist aggression against innocent civilians in the residential neighborhoods and shelter centers of the Gaza Strip confirms that the terrorist Zionist government is insistent on going on with its killing campaign and war of extermination with no regard for the consequences of its crimes,” Hamas added.

Hamas called on the Arab and Islamic peoples and the world’s free people to continue staging rallies in support of the Palestinians in Gaza and pressure for an end to the Israeli war crimes.

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