Wed 10-July-2024

Hamas: Israeli jails are worse than Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

Wednesday 10-July-2024


The Hamas Movement has said that the horrific testimonies provided by Gazan detainees who were released recently and the signs of torture on their bodies confirm the enormity of the serious violations and heinous crimes that are committed in Israeli jails and detention centers.

“What prisoner Muaad Abiyat said about terrorist Ben Gvir’s participation in brutal torture sessions himself reflects the level of sadism he has, along with members of this government that is mired in extremism and fascism,” Hamas said.

“What our prisoners are facing in Israeli jails has exceeded all the brutality that was used with the detainees in the prisons of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib,” Hamas added.

The Movement stressed the need for urgent action by the international community, the International Court of Justice, the UN and their institutions to delegate committees to visit Israel’s detention centers and jails and investigate the reported violations and hold Israeli leaders accountable for their crimes against prisoners.

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