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Israel: 150 days of crimes against humanity

Wednesday 6-March-2024

The massacre of the forces of “Israel” against the besieged Gaza Strip and with extensions in the West Bank completes 150 days. These are endless and terrifying days with deaths, mutilations, disappearances and forced displacement of 2 million Palestinians, including 750,000 children and 50,000 pregnant women. A holocaust that, in these 150 days, caused the death of 40,000 people, if this is added to those missing under the rubble. And no less than 80,000 wounded and maimed, the vast majority of whom are children and women!

Women, children and the elderly represent 72.8 per cent of the dead, all of them civilians and unarmed, theoretically protected by the Conventions that regulate wars. But, as is well known, the “Jewish State” does not respect or comply with ANY International Law.

I think it is necessary to bring comparative data on the Zionist holocaust in these 150 days, including this aberration that became known as the “Flour Massacre” – the greatest war crime in history, in which 112 starving Palestinians were shot in cold blood on Harun Al-Rashid Street in Gaza by the sadistic terrorists of the Nazi army of “Israel” while removing boxes of flour and canned food from humanitarian aid trucks.

Data from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and the Palestinian Ministry of Health accounts that, if the carnage of “Israel” were on a global scale, we would have something like 137 million dead! In Brazil, there would be almost 3.5 million dead, more than the entire population of the Federal District, with a total of 27,000 dead every day!

According to data from Save The Children, considering all wars between 2019 and 2022, 1 child per million inhabitants died. In Gaza, during the Israeli genocide, 7,600 children were murdered for every 1 million inhabitants. That is, “Israel” murders 7,600 times more Palestinian children than in any other war in the world! What’s more, “Israel” murdered at least 236 times more children in Gaza than in World War II.

In this hideous context, we remember the 124 journalists murdered – almost one a day! And also 340 health workers, 246 teachers and school staff, 152 UN staff and 46 Civil Defense workers.

Amid repeated heinous crimes against humanity, the debate that has prevailed in the media is not about the urgency of a ceasefire that stops the carnage of the Nazionists in Gaza, or the mechanisms that bring “Israel” to the dock of the International Criminal Court, with the sentencing to hang of the Zionist kingpin, Benjamin Netanyahu.

But – get this – the media is dedicated to debating whether President Lula’s comparison with the Nazi holocaust against Jews and other populations during World War II in Europe is correct or anti-Semitic. A media that is supportive and responsible for the propagation of lies that benefit “Israel” in the common sense, because “Israel” is an occupying force, therefore, it does not have the right to self-defense.

It is deplorable to see “Israel” attacking as a State and defending itself before public opinion as a religion. Zionists have appropriated the term “Semitic” and use the alleged anti-Semitism shamelessly to intimidate and cause public opinion to condemn critics of their crimes when, in fact, there is a clear distinction between anti-Semitism as hatred of Jews, on the one hand, and legitimate criticism of the degrading, oppressive and genocidal policies of “Israel” against the Palestinian people, on the other.

It must be said, once again, that Semites are not only Israeli Jews (a gentile created in 1948 and which has no ties to the Israelites of the sacred books) but all the Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians and other peoples originating in the north of the Arabian Peninsula. And the members of the three great monotheistic religions – Jewish Christian and Islamic, who, likewise, have Semitic roots.

The genocidal war of “Israel” against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, with the support of the US, the UK and European countries and the complicity of Arab governments, has failed and will not be able to achieve any of its aggressive objectives, especially that of annihilating Palestinian Resistance.

The only achievements that “Israel” can boast in these 150 days of massacre against Palestinians are crimes against humanity, genocide, the mass murder of children and women, the use of hunger as a weapon of war, the destruction of infrastructure and the elimination of all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip.

Time, and the persistent struggle of the heroic Palestinian Resistance, demonstrate that “Israel” has already lost the political, military and world public opinion battle through the evident growth of the unpopularity of the Zionist State across the planet.

Nazism, which inspires Israeli Zionism, lasted 6 years in Europe and was defeated. In Palestine, Zionism and its supremacist colonial project have lasted 76 long years and will be defeated, because the holocaust of Palestinians by “Israel” cannot become a nefarious model of colonialism, oppression and extermination of a people.

-Sayid Marcos Tenório is a historian and specialist in international relations. He is vice president of the Brazil-Palestine Institute (Ibraspal) and author of the book Palestina: do mito da terra prometida à terra da resistência (Palestine: the myth of the promised land to the land of resistance) (Anita Garibaldi/Ibraspal, 2019). His article appeared in MEMO.

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