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Israeli crimes are multiplied genocide siege and starvation

Thursday 9-November-2023

Israel is committing acts of insane revenge against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to regain its lost dignity which was destroyed and tarnished by the Al-Qassam Brigades on October 7th.

The ruling gangs of the Israeli entity spare no effort and do not hesitate in using the dirtiest filthiest methods to erase the image of the historic memorable Saturday (the day the Al-Aqsa Flood battle started) deliberately engaging in killings and committing heinous war crimes in the hope of restoring their lost image.

Starvation war
Since the beginning of Israel’s aggression on Gaza it has adopted a policy of starvation and thirst against the population of the Strip along with a scorched earth policy that destroys homes and residential neighborhoods with their inhabitants inside on top of their residents heads.

The Israeli airstrikes targeted bakeries and their surroundings throughout the Strip while the remaining bakeries are unable to operate due to fuel and flour shortages.

Salama Marouf the head of the Government Media Office in Gaza said “There are no working bakeries now in the governorates of Gaza and northern Gaza after 12 bakeries were targeted.”

In a brutal policy Israel isolates the city of Gaza and its north from the south of the Strip which is also facing various difficulties as Israel continues to bombard poultry farms agricultural lands and farmers.

Israel also prevents the supply of food and all humanitarian supplies including fuel through the sole commercial crossing of Kerem Shalom and the Egyptian Rafah crossing.

The World Food Program has warned that “more than a million people are suffering from hunger in Gaza with food and water supplies running out.”

Estimates by the international organization Oxfam earlier indicated that only about 2% of the required food has been delivered to feed the people of Gaza since October 7th.

The organization added that “almost everyone is now suffering from food insecurity which means they do not know for certain where their next meal will come from.”

International appeals
The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor stated that Israel has recently escalated the “starvation war” as a tool of subjugation.

The director of the Monitor pointed out that they are currently documenting cases of children who doctors believe have died due to severe dehydration caused by hunger.

Cindy McCain the executive director of the World Food Program called for expanding humanitarian assistance to Gaza as vital food supplies reach critically low levels.

McCain emphasized that at present parents in Gaza do not know if they can feed their children today and they do not even know if they will live until tomorrow.

On the other hand the director of nursing activities in Doctors Without Borders stated that the people of the Gaza Strip are dying of hunger without exaggeration.

All appeals up to this moment have fallen on deaf ears in the face of international paralysis that is unable to act and provide urgent food and medical aid.

A cry for living consciences
Children from the Gaza Strip called on the world to stop the “starvation genocide and displacement” they are subjected to by Israel stressing the need to hold the “killers” accountable.

This call came during a press conference held by Palestinian children in the presence of local media outlets in front of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza which is repeatedly targeted by Israeli shelling.

Ahmed Jabril the spokesman for the Palestinian Red Crescent considered that Israel is pursuing “a systematic approach to killing either through shelling with massive bombs diseases or hunger.”

Former President of the United Nations Regional Office for Humanitarian Affairs Iyad Nasr confirmed that starving civilians and failing to provide essential supplies constitute a grave violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and those involved in this context will be held accountable regardless of the time that passes.

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