Sun 26-May-2024

Palestinian mother mourns her martyred kids

Friday 17-November-2023

In very emotional words Asma Maghari mourned her two children who were killed in an Israeli air strike on their family house in Gaza Strip.

“It has been seventeen days my love! It was you not me who made it out alive. I was left in the most horrible and vile world that had betrayed me and taken you away” she wrote on Instagram.

“Although I feel completely broken I am content with God’s decree even though it is difficult for me. You had said to me the day before: We hope we do not get hit by a missile that our house does not get destroyed and that we do not die” the bereaved mother wrote.

“I’m sorry my love if I couldn’t protect you and keep you in my arms. If only we could carry on the happy lives we once shared together” she said.

She concluded saying “Heaven my darling will be your final destination. Love you no longer need to be afraid and you will not wake up frightened by the sound of missiles. It’s over!”

“They Are Not Numbers” is a series of stories honoring Palestinian victims who were killed in the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7 more than 40000 people have been killed wounded or reported missing under the rubble.

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