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Gaza’s children, making their own medicine, light, and smiles

Friday 2-February-2024


The children of Gaza love life, despite the obstacles they face. They stand against the ongoing brutal Israeli aggression, which mostly targets innocent children and the beloved ones of Allah who have done nothing wrong except being the children of the resilient Strip that rejects ongoing injustice, oppression, complicity, silence, and abandonment.

But even before the time of accountability for this injustice, the children of Gaza did not lose hope. They continued to face oppression, hunger, cold, and darkness with creativity and resilience that amazed the entire world. When the world denied them medicine, they found healing and solace in the verses of the Holy Quran. With their beautiful, soothing voices that warm hearts and bring warmth to the freezing cold, they create a salve that knows no cruelty for those who have witnessed their pain and have not lifted a finger to help or protect them.

The Palestinian information Center has documented many remarkable scenes of the children of Gaza and their creativity in making medicine, spreading joy, and lighting up the darkness. They manufacture their own warmth. You see a child in Gaza enduring pain and suffering that even adults may not bear. Even if the earth becomes narrow for them, their call reaches the sky, to a compassionate Lord who mends the broken and binds their wounded hearts, alleviating their pain through His remembrance and seeking refuge in Him. It is a breathtaking scene.

Although providing food for them is a challenge, they find joy and happiness in a few morsels of food and bread that barely satisfy their hunger. It is a wonderful thing that deserves celebration, happiness, and smiles. They surpass their hunger by singing patriotic songs and overcome the coldness of their bodies by applauding their own pain and sorrow. There is still something worth living for, something that is not touched by despair and cannot be snatched away by the relentless aggression. Their smiles and joy are evidence of victory, dignity, strength, and determination that cannot be broken by the Israeli war machine.

If the enemy intends to demolish schools and deprive the new generation of education, the children of Gaza are digging through the rubble, searching for their books beneath the debris and retrieving them despite the aggression. They have a mission they are still determined to fulfill, a light for their minds that cannot be extinguished by the missiles of occupation, no matter how destructive their power may be. “We will emerge, along with our books, from under the rubble and show our enemy a strength and determination that cannot be broken, no matter what they do to us, our homes, and our schools,” one of the children said.

My beloved cat, is like my sister

Children of Gaza who defeated their criminal and oppressive enemy with their humanity, have not even abandoned their cats and animals because they are souls that must be protected, while their enemy sought with great diligence to extinguish every soul in Gaza. A beautiful girl embraces her cat and finds happiness and a piece of her soul in it, which she preserves. She says, “This is my cat, my beloved, I love her more than my own soul. When I went out, I didn’t take anything with me except for the cat. I love her more than anything else.” And she continues, saying, “I kept clinging to her, feeding her and giving her everything. I cried to my family so that I could take her with me because I can’t bear the thought of her dying. Even if she dies – God forbid – what will I do? I will be sad and cry, and I will need to find another one.”

She adds, “This cat is my heart. It has a soul like a human being. I can’t leave her. I give her breakfast, I give her water, I give her meat and everything, even though the food is scarce. I can’t leave her, just like my sister, my brother, or anything else. I can’t leave her. This is my soul. I will take her with me wherever I go.”

Gaza’s Newton lights up the darkness

“We fled from the Beit Lahia area to Al-Nasr, and then to Khan Yunis on foot until we ended up in the quarry in Rafah.” These are the details of a Palestinian catastrophe and a new diaspora that has not stopped since 1948. It is narrated by a Palestinian genius, or as known in the refugee camps as Newton Gaza (referring to the inventor and discoverer Isaac Newton).

It should be noted that the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza has resulted in the martyrdom of more than 26,900 people and the injury of 65,949 so far, in addition to the displacement of more than 85%, about 1.9 million people, of the Gaza Strip, according to the Gaza authorities and international organizations.

Hussam Al-Attar, a Palestinian student from Jabal Al-Makbar school in northern Gaza, suddenly became homeless with his family. He told Quds Press, “I looked at my brother’s twin children and saw fear in their eyes, in the loneliness, darkness, and gloom of the tent. So, I thought of bringing joy to them and illuminating the place for them, I came up with the idea of utilizing the cold weather and air that seeps into the children’s bodies, exhausting them and making them sick, and turning it into a source of warmth and heat.”

According to Gaza’s Newton, who managed, despite the limited resources, to create fans that generate electricity, even if in small quantities, by generating energy through the air.

The mother of the child with green eyes stands proudly, satisfied with what her son has achieved, and told Quds Press that his talent appeared from an early age, as he loved to play with everything he found and create something useful out of nothing. Moreover, people turn to him to repair their electrical appliances.

Hussam’s mother wishes to see him as a great inventor who benefits his community and his cause, and she says, “This is a Palestinian generation that will not be defeated. They are seeking life from amidst darkness and death.”

The 15-year-old boy concludes his speech, saying, “I love life, and I cherish its details. I hope to be an inventor and discoverer, it is impossible for Palestine to die within me.”

The Israeli occupation army continues its aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th, with American and European support. Its aircraft and artillery bombard hospitals, buildings, towers, and the homes of Palestinian civilians, destroying them over the heads of their inhabitants. They also prevent the entry of water, food, medicine, and fuel.

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