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Colleague Rizq Al-Gharabli: A journey of giving ends in martyrdom

Thursday 8-February-2024


In every field of work and contribution, journalist and academic Dr. Rizq Al-Gharabli left a mark and presence, and all of that was crowned by his martyrdom in an Israeli airstrike during the devastating war on the Gaza Strip.

Al-Gharabli was martyred a few days ago after the occupation aircraft targeted his family’s house in Al-Amal neighborhood, west of Khan Yunis, which was under Israeli invasion along with intense shelling.

The Palestinian Information Center mourned with great sadness and sorrow the director of its office in the Gaza Strip, the martyr Dr. Rizq Mohammed Ghazi Roshdi Al-Gharabli, stating that he was martyred in a Zionist crime added to the ongoing series of crimes by the Nazi occupation against civilians and journalists.

Since the beginning of the genocide war, Al-Gharabli used his Facebook account to spread determination and steadfastness among the Palestinian people in the face of aggression, while preparing a series of journalistic reports that accompanied the Israeli aggression and the heroic performance of the resistance. He was determined to convey his media message despite the difficult circumstances his area faced in terms of power outages and internet disruptions.

Perseverance and high spirit

40 years, the age of the late martyr, but they were years filled with perseverance and high spirit, combining work and study along with his volunteering and activity in the field of Quranic sciences, rhetoric, and delivering lessons.

The diversity of scientific studies that the martyr received contributed to the excellence of his contributions. He studied the English language and mastered it, then studied Islamic sciences at Al-Quds Open University and graduated with distinction. He obtained a master’s degree in jurisprudence -Fiqh- from Al-Azhar University, and traveled to Malaysia in a quest for knowledge, where he obtained his Ph.D. in jurisprudence within a few years.

During his travels, he discovered that he had diabetes, but he persevered through the pain and continued his pursuit of knowledge and education. He also contributed to the establishment of a school in Malaysia.

Returning to his homeland, despite having several options to stay abroad, the late martyr chose to return to his birthplace, where he absorbed the values of dignity and honor within its alleys. He grew up in a committed and loving family that always supported his academic ambitions and excellence, which is why he was eager to return and be with his parents.

Al-Gharabli served as the director of the Palestinian Information Center’s office in the Gaza Strip since 2015. He led his team with competence, ensuring that the voice of the resistance and the voice of Palestine remained alive and effective in the world. He actively participated in coverage and report preparation until a few days before his martyrdom, when the occupation tightened its brutal siege on his residential area in the Al-Amal neighborhood of Khan Yunis.

He chose to stay in his residential area, believing that destiny is inevitable and that the occupation did not leave any safe place in the Gaza Strip, considering the severe deterioration and immense suffering experienced by nearly two million displaced people living in displacement camps.

The martyr’s contributions and achievements extended beyond the field of journalism. He was an academic lecturer and supervisor of scientific theses during his work at the University of the People. He also served as a religious observer in various economic institutions and established a training center in the economic field. Additionally, he had a significant role in advocacy and Quranic activities, being an eloquent and skilled speaker who effectively conveyed ideas, supported by evidence from the Quran and Hadith.

Due to the sweetness of his voice and his mastery of recitation rules, he led several prayers at Al-Rahma Mosque, one of the prominent mosques in Khan Yunis. He also played a major role in supervising Quran memorization.

The martyr left behind a will, concluding it with a supplication: “O Allah, we are Your slaves, the children of Your slaves and of Your female servants. Our forelocks are in Your hand, and Your judgment is always just. We ask You, O Allah, for mercy and enlightenment in our graves, and for paradise and bliss in the hereafter. We beseech You to admit us to the highest Paradise without any reckoning or prior punishment. O Allah, Amen.”

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