Fri 1-March-2024

Media campaign to break siege on the northern region: “North Gaza is starving”

Saturday 10-February-2024


Activists have launched an electronic media campaign under the hashtag North Gaza is starving, #Northen_Gaza_Starving, to shed light on the famine experienced by the residents of the northern Gaza Strip as a result of the ongoing Israeli war for 126 days and the tightening of the blockade on the northern areas.

Activists, writers, and supporters tweeted on social media platforms using the campaign hashtag, demanding an end to the policy of starvation practiced by the Israeli occupation authorities against the people of the besieged northern Gaza Strip.

On the X platform, Adham Abu Salmia wrote: “Our minds are almost paralyzed by the messages we receive, so what about those who are living it?”

He continued, “The Zionist terrorist enemy is now subjecting the entire Gaza Strip to immense and unprecedented humanitarian pressure. North Gaza is starving, Rafah is being bombed and threatened, with about a million displaced people, and Deir al-Balah is no longer able to bear more displaced people, and it has no one to turn to except Allah.”

He added, “The Zionist military failure in facing the brave resistance is being compensated for by increasing pressure on civilians, killing and starving them, by a terrorist Nazi army amidst an incomprehensible Arab and Islamic silence.”

Meanwhile, the writer Adham Al-Sharqawi tweeted: “The problem in North Gaza, in short: the occupation prevents any food-carrying truck from entering North Gaza through the crossings it controls, and what we send from the south to the north is bombed before it arrives! It is an attempt to starve and slowly kill tens of thousands of residents, and this is the result.”

In another tweet, Al-Sharqawi wrote: “Do not believe that no one dies of hunger. In North Gaza, they are really dying of hunger.”

Activists shared photos and videos showing scenes of hunger and the struggle to obtain food in the northern Gaza Strip under the campaign hashtag.

The Government Media Office (GMO) in the Gaza Strip confirmed that famine is escalating in North Gaza, holding the United States and Israel fully responsible for its dangerous consequences.

In a statement on Friday, the GMO added that famine is escalating in the northern governorate of Gaza after the depletion of quantities of flour, rice, food, and animal feed that the residents of North Gaza used to consume.

More than 400,000 Palestinians in North Gaza are living in a state of real famine due to the Israeli siege, and they have been forced to grind animal feed to turn it into bread. Rights organizations affirm that the occupation uses starvation as a weapon in its bloody war and as part of the crime of genocide in the Gaza Strip.

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