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Without food or medicine, disabled children face various miseries in Gaza

Friday 1-March-2024


Palestinian woman Wafaa Al-Belbisi sits in one of the shelter centers inside a school in northern Gaza, next to her son who has special needs. Al-Belbisi finds herself trapped in a burnt room after being targeted by previous Israeli shelling, with no other alternative for her displacement, as the devastating war on Gaza continues.

Al-Belbisi’s three children suffer from mental disabilities, and one of them suffers from an increase in electrical charges in the brain and takes specialized medication for their condition, according to Al-Belbisi.

The mother, with a choked voice, tells an Anadolu Agency correspondent, “My children suffer from mental disabilities, and there is no safe place for us to take refuge. The shelter centers in schools can no longer accommodate us, and the high prices of food have made obtaining food very difficult.”

She adds, “One of my children suffers from an increase in electrical brain charges, and his condition is difficult and requires medication that is currently unavailable.”

Her son Islam suffers from a very strange sensitivity that causes blue spots to appear on his skin, which only disappear by consuming certain foods and specific medications that are currently missing.

The mother points to the severe shortage of food and medicine, worsening the economic and humanitarian situation in Gaza, confirming that she cannot obtain sufficient food supplies due to high prices. Therefore, she tries to feed her children only one meal a day.

Al-Belbisi explains that most of the food items, such as rice and flour, have disappeared from the markets. As a result, they have been forced to eat animal feed, in addition to the lack of necessary diapers for her children.

Thousands of Palestinians in northern Gaza face the danger of hunger and thirst, especially children, as Israel prevents aid from reaching this area as part of the war it has been waging on the Strip since October 7th.

Inappropriate conditions
The three children are panicked when they hear the sounds of explosions caused by continuous Israeli shelling, the mother said.

Al-Belbisi says with great sadness, “The most difficult thing I face with my children is the difficulty of dealing and communicating with people due to their mental disabilities. There is no place for us to go, and I have moved between 3 schools.”

It turns out that the displaced people do not accept having her children among them in the shelter centers, so she has left several times from the place where she was located in search of another place, under Israeli shelling.

She adds, “At one point we returned home and found it damaged due to Israeli shelling, and when we returned to the first school, we also found the classroom damaged.”

She points to the tragic situation of the room they are in with 10 other people, even though it is not enough for her family alone, as pieces of cement fall from the walls due to shelling and fire.

Despite all these challenges, the mother clings to hope and faith, appealing to humanitarian and international organizations to provide the necessary assistance to save the lives of the besieged families. She affirms that her only hope is for her children to live in peace and dignity, and for the war to end and the oppressive blockade on Gaza to be lifted.

Since October 7, 2023, Israel has been launching a brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, resulting in tens of thousands of martyrs, mostly children and women, according to Palestinian and international data.

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